Lesson 2

Multimeter   (Mobile phone repair in simple English)

Let's get a small idea about this electronic equipment. Here, this is a multimeter 

We are able to measure "Voltage, Current & Resistance" from this Multimeter. I have put above two pictures of  a digital multimeter. Because, we need this kind of multimeter to repair Mobile phones.

The reason is; the measurements must be totally correct to the decimal. That's why we use a digital multimeter. 

Select the range from the round switch that you need to measure

Observe these pictures carefully. If not understand, please inform me through a comment.

Measure a Voltage

Measure a Current

Measure a Resistant 

I suppose you got an idea of using a Multimeter. I wanna go now.                 ;)

Then, See you again........ Another post is coming soon.............           :P


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